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Needle Roller Bearing

Needle bearing is a roller bearing with cylindrical roller. Compared with its diameter, the roller is slender and long. This kind of roller is called needle roller. Despite its small cross-section, bearing still have high load-bearing capacity. Needle roller bearing is equipped with slender and long rollers (roller diameter D < 5mm, L/D < 2.5, L is roller length), so the radial structure is compact. When its inner diameter size and load capacity are the same as other types of bearing, the outer diameter is the smallest, which is especially suitable for supporting structures whose radial installation size is limited.

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Tapered Roller Bearing

Tapered roller bearing belong to separate type bearing. Both inner and outer rings of bearing have tapered raceways. The bearing can be divided into single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearing according to the number of rollers installed. Single row tapered roller bearing can withstand radial load and unilateral axial load. When bearing is subjected to radial loads, there will be an axial component, so another bearing that can withstand the reverse axial force is needed to balance it.

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Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Rollers are centripetal rolling bearing of cylindrical rollers. The internal structure of cylindrical roller bearing adopts parallel arrangement of rollers, with spacer holders or isolators between rollers, which can prevent the inclination of rollers or friction between rollers, and effectively prevent the increase of rotating torque.

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Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Angular contact ball bearing can withstand both radial and axial loads. It can work at a higher speed. The larger the contact angle is, the higher the axial bearing capacity is. The contact angle is the angle between the contact point of the ball and raceway in the radial plane and the vertical line of the bearing axis. High precision and high speed bearing usually have a contact angle of 15 degrees. Under the action of axial force, the contact angle will increase.

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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

The basic deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a group of steel balls and a group of retaining frames. There are two types of deep groove ball bearing: single row and double row. The structure of deep groove ball can be divided into two types: sealed and open. The open type refers to the bearing without sealing structure. The sealed deep groove ball can be divided into dust-proof seal and oil-proof seal. Dust-proof sealing cover material is stamped by steel plate, which can only prevent dust from entering bearing raceway. The oil-proof type is contact oil seal, which can effectively prevent grease spillover in the bearing.

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Spherical Roller Bearing

Roller bearing is one of the rolling bearing, which is widely used in modern machinery. It relies on rolling contact between the main components to support the rotating parts. Roller bearing is now mostly standardized. Roller bearing have the advantages of small starting moment, high rotation accuracy and convenient selection.

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